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Death list - Posted By Katojikiku (katojikiku) on 23rd Nov 22 at 12:52am
See two beautiful women bulging cheeks, big eyes staring at two people, but let Qin Lun and Hill have a faint sense of guilt, as if they should not bully such a lovely and dull lady! "Well, we don't have any plans. The news that Santalin will plot the Silver Moon Celebration should have been spread to the ears of the'Lady of Hope 'by Mastasha. Probably nothing will happen!" "Probably?" Linda and Lainie looked at each other rather helplessly, which was not the answer they wanted. From the beginning to the end, Linda and Linda did not reveal why they wanted to join in this muddy water. Candlefort was not an alliance of harpists. They did not care about anything else happening on the mainland except relics and books, nor did they have the more exotic idea of justice of the hand of light. If Linda and Linda don't tell the truth, even if they are a hundred times more lovely, Qin Lun won't trust them. In fact, Qin Lun and Hill are still very wary of Linda. At the beginning, Linda was just a little curious about Seaver, so she gave the stinging trio, who had a good relationship, a hard pit. Although she helped a lot along the way, but the essence is to take the lives of friends seriously, the typical pit of death without paying for life,tube fitting manufacturer, this little girl is not as naive and romantic as her appearance. After the stabbing trio came out of the claw of the troll, their feelings with Qin Lun were much better, while they basically stopped talking to Linda, and their deep friendship was gone. Three public and private division is very clear, Qin Lun is a solid hire them, for this is also the duty. Besides,hydraulic fitting supplier, Qin Lun saved Winnie and Largo several times along the way. Although Linda usually gives them some well-paid tasks, this time she wants them to pay back with their lives. No matter what kind of mercenary meets this kind of person, he will not have a good impression. Linda and Laini are not stupid, apparently aware of something from Qin Lun's indifferent attitude, suddenly silent down. Qin Lun does not owe them anything, the use of Candlefort's transport array, also in accordance with the rules to pay the price, not by Linda's face. Cha Cha Cha! Just when the atmosphere was awkward, a noise came from the door of the bar. Several people looked up and saw a group of heavily armed silver guards filing in. The Silver Legion is the official legion of Silvermoon City. It is divided into two parts. One part is a heavy knight, equipped with full body armor and knight's sword, composed of human and elves. The other part is a silver guard, composed of human and dwarf. Silver knights are very powerful, brass tube fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, and most of them are professional warriors. The wealthy city of Silvermoon has armed them to the teeth, and from the rank of Captain, they have had magical armor and excellent knight swords. Most of the silver guards who entered the Golden Oak wore full body armor and looked like the most elite heavy knights. Qin Lun and Hill looked at this scene face slightly changed, the two killers used to the worst angle, to deduce the evolution of events. The two men looked at each other warily and drank quietly, but Hill had begun to contact Rand through the team channel to get him ready for battle. This group of silver knights seemed to know that their appearance had an impact on the bar, and they all got out of the way and stood in the corner of the wall, so that the drinkers in the bar breathed a sigh of relief, and Qin Lun and Hill relaxed a little. The leader of the knight looked around, and when he saw Qin Lun's table, he made an obvious movement and raised his hand to take off his helmet. This is an elf female knight with short blond hair, slightly neutral face, so that Qin Lun and Hill can not help but compare her with another temple knight, Idriya. In the end, they had to admit that Idria was a little worse than the other in terms of appearance, and that elves always looked more delicate than human women. However, Idria has now experienced so many life-and-death adventures that her temperament has slowly been precipitated, and her resolute character is sometimes appreciated by both Qin Lun and Hill. And the female knight in front of them seemed to be more like the fledgling Idria, with obvious pride on her pretty face and a sharp edge, like a sword out of its sheath. Master Lainie! The female knight came this way with a polite and reserved smile, and when she came to him, she stroked her chest with one hand and saluted Lainie respectfully.
"You know me?" Lainie pushed her glasses and looked up at the female knight. Master Lainie, Lord Castellan just heard the news of your arrival in Silvermoon City yesterday. Let me invite you and your companions to the Supreme Palace for a rest and to attend the celebration banquet the night after tomorrow. The female knight replied respectfully. Elaszor is still so polite! Lainie put down her book and said with a sigh, "It seems that I can't read these days. What's your name, little girl?" "I am Anacilia Yuge of the Yuge family, and I am honored to meet you, Laini Great Sage of Candlefort!" When Lainie asked her name, the female knight straightened her chest and looked very honored. I haven't consulted the others yet. The female knight greeted Lainie and her eyes fell on the other three. I'm Linda. Nice to meet you! Linda looked curiously at the exquisite armor of the female knight. Sorry, we're just sharing a table with these two ladies. We're not familiar with each other! Seeing the female knight looking at them, Qin Lun, who had been bowing his head in silence, finally raised his head to show a polite smile and lied without changing his face. Linda and Lainie turned their heads in astonishment, and the elf female knight obviously did not expect to get such an answer here in Qin Lun, and immediately his face was full of confusion. Had it not been for the accurate and incomparable information she had received, I'm afraid she would have been fooled by Qin Lun's sincere and incomparable smiling face. This The female knight has not experienced many shortcomings of worldly wisdom, which are undoubtedly exposed at this moment. Because Qin Lun did not follow the script, she subconsciously looked at Linda and Leni, her face full of the color of help. See this scene, even with Hill's calm,ball valve manufacturer, face can not help but slightly twitch, almost even the intestines are laughing cramps, at the same time to Qin Lun's shameless once again have a new understanding.