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Sui Yun Mo Li-Schoolbag Net book Bao. Com. (17th Nov 22 at 12:56am UTC)
"When he was only nine years old, he knew he was going to run away from home. If we didn't give him a heavy dose of medicine, wouldn't this boy be even more lawless in the future?" Jun Mo Li, who was supposed to be sleeping soundly, opened his eyes, took the teacup from yuan Suiyun's hand, and smiled. The situation in Jianghu is changing rapidly, and talented people come forth in large numbers. People such as Yin Ji and Shi Guanyin, who shook the four directions at that time, have become myths with time and are no longer often mentioned. In Jianghu today, the most powerful woman is Lady Jin of Wanfu Wanshou Garden, the most mysterious one is Sun Bulao of Xingxiu Sea Blissful Palace, and the most amazing rising star is Hua Zhenzhen, the head of Huashan Sect. But when it comes to the luckiest woman, the unanimous candidate is Junmoli, the leader's wife of Wuzheng Villa. She married into the first family in Wulin at a young age, and she is also a descendant of Lan's medical skills. In addition, she has been in love with her husband and wife for many years, and has clever children. God seems to favor this gentle and beautiful woman in particular, leaving all the happiness to her. At this moment, the luckiest woman in the legend is leaning comfortably in the arms of the original cloud, sipping the warm tea in the cup. Looking at the faint smile on her face, clearly no tired color, Chu Liuxiang could not help but ask: "Chang son left, don't you worry about it?" Since Jiuzhuan Dan was taken by him to feed the fish, I personally ordered the things in the medicine room every day. He uses materials to prepare incense, and I naturally know it in my heart. Mo Li raised his eyebrows. "If he hadn't just met Xiang Shuai, Suiyun would have planned to let him suffer more and bring him back." "Who?" Chu Liuxiang just opened his mouth and heard the footsteps behind him. However, without waiting for him to look back,Glass Cosmestic Containers, a soft and pleasant voice had sounded: "So Uncle Ah Xiang didn't find me following Chang'er?"? Does this mean that my flying skill has finally passed? With a wry smile, Chu Liuxiang turned and called, "Xiaoshan." yuan Shan, who had just arrived in the year, stepped into the house with the same elegant smile as her father. However, looking at this girl with bright eyes and white teeth, Chu Liuxiang only felt her scalp tingling. As the saying goes, forget the pain after healing the scar, which is really true. Although he and Hu Tiehua were impressed by Mo Li's bowl of "hangover soup", after yuan Shan was born, they pulled yuan Suiyun to Taiyuan in the name of congratulations. After three rounds of drinking, Hu Tiehua suddenly became stubborn and insisted that he accompany him on a night tour of Hanging Weng Mountain and return to Wuzheng Villa the next morning. On the way back, Chu Liuxiang felt something was wrong when he saw the smiling expression of the original cloud, but Hu Tiehua was still unaware of it and was looking forward to enjoying a good show of lion roaring in the east of the river. However, knowing his wife Mo Ruofu, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Amber Dropper Bottles, he welcomed the three people who had not returned all night. Mo Li just asked yuan Suiyun to go back to his room to change clothes in a gentle voice. After a short rest, he went to yuan Dongyuan to pay his respects, but turned around and left the two culprits in the hall. Xiao Li, it's none of my business! Without waiting for her to open her mouth, Hu Tiehua said first, "I can't beat my brother again." "Of course you didn't fight with him. At best, it was just verbal provocation." At that time, Mo Li was holding his daughter, who was sleeping soundly in swaddling clothes, and raised his eyebrows slightly. "If he doesn't agree, won't he be laughed at by you all the time?"? With Suiyun's temperament, naturally I can't bear to be teased from time to time, and I don't want to bear the name of a shrew. "I.." "And if I'm not wrong." Mo Li glanced at Chu Liuxiang. "Xiang Shuai also had the intention of watching the play this time. If he hadn't moved his father out with the clouds, I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to come back at the moment." When Shi Guanyin died, yuan Suiyun had strong wings, so yuan Dongyuan no longer cared about his martial arts being abolished, and gradually had more contacts with his old friends. And everyone who befriended him knew that he was now proud of two things in his life, one was that he had a gifted son, and the other was that he had a gentle and virtuous daughter-in-law. Seeing Mo Li's words hit, Hu Tiehua was stunned for a long time. Finally he sighed and said with a bitter face, "What are you going to punish me for drinking this time?"? Be merciful and don't poison people. "I'm not really angry, you know." Looking at the two embarrassed men, Mo Li burst out laughing and his eyes flashed, "It's rare to be a bosom friend. In fact, I'm very happy to have you as friends.".
But as a wife who was left alone.. The two heroes should not mind my little revenge. That pleasant smile made Chu Liuxiang and Hu Tiehua nervous for a long time, but the days passed safely day by day, and they were relieved. Just as the two gradually forgot about it, Ohara Shan began to babble. As a result, Chu Liuxiang naturally became Uncle Xiang. After more than 10 years, every time he heard this name, he could only comfort himself in the bottom of his heart, at least "Uncle Ah Xiang" was better than Hu Tiehua's "Uncle Ah Hua". Fan, "Mo Li called his daughter's nickname at the moment, looked up and said," take your uncle Ah Xiang to the guest house to settle down first. If Uncle Ah Xiang is not too tired, maybe he can give you some advice on your skills? Hearing that she was also an uncle of Ah Xiang, Chu Liuxiang could not help rubbing his nose again. Married for many years, Jun Mo Li's temperament seems to be more and more lively. But it's all right. The girl he rescued from the sea was really too quiet and precocious. One side of the original cloud smiled, and finally opened his mouth to rescue: "Xiang Shuai, I haven't learned from you for a few years. When I was young, I came to ask for advice." "I can't ask for it." Chu Liuxiang hurriedly replied, before Mo Li could make a sound, "Xiaoshan, please lead the way." Watching the two of them walk out of the door, Mo Li chuckled, gently put down the teacup, and covered yuan Suiyun's hand on his shoulder: "How did you know that you were going to punish Chang'er for copying Sun Yaowang's Great Doctor's Sincerity?" "I don't know anything about medicine, but I always remember what you said." yuan Suiyun held her catkin in his backhand and sighed lightly. "Besides,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, he has been punished so many times since he was a child. He must have recited the family precepts backwards." Mo Li looked up at him and sighed, "It's obviously the same. How come this boy's temperament is so different from that of Fan Fan and Yi'er.." yuan Suiyun was silent for a moment and suddenly smiled: "Actually, there is not much difference.". How do you think Fan Fan made me promise to let her follow Chang Er? "Hm?" 。
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