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Crazy base (17th Nov 22 at 12:57am UTC)
Because Xu Linyuan was also an important protagonist at the dinner party, when he arrived, he saw that all the people in the hall had not been formally seated, just drank some drinks, and stood there one after another to have friendly talks with those they knew or did not know, which seemed to be more harmonious. After Xu Linyuan came in, he immediately attracted the attention of all the people in the hall. They raised their glasses to Xu Linyuan one after another, and Xu Linyuan nodded gracefully in response. Immediately after arriving at Budoang, a waitress came to Xu Linyuan with a drink. Xu Linyuan took a glass of champagne at random, touched with Budoang Nardo, and chatted casually. This Bbō Nardo is a very talkative person, and his style of conversation is also quite interesting. He mostly talks about some local conditions and customs of China when he comes to China, as well as some interesting and curious things. It is easy for people to find interesting topics to chat with him for a while. After a while, under the reminder of Budoang, Bbō Nardo also temporarily suspended the chat with Xu Linyuan, Xu Linyuan made a gesture of invitation to the table, and the three of them were formally seated. When the three of them and the relevant accompanying personnel were seated,L Methylfolate Factory, the other accompanying personnel also began to be seated. Because of the Chinese food, Budoang and Bbō Nardo also prefer to eat Chinese food. The dishes of the Peninsula Hotel are also prepared in a special way. There are dishes in the east, west, north and south. They are very beautiful and reasonable. It is a pleasant thing just to look at. It was also the first time for Xu Linyuan to have a meal at the Peninsula Hotel. After everyone touched the champagne and officially opened the banquet, he was interested in tasting the local special dishes in Hong Kong. At the end of the meal, a waiter immediately came to the table and replaced it with drinks, snacks,S Adenosyl Methionine, melons and fruits. Xu Linyuan chatted with Budoang and Bbō Nardo for a while. None of the three parties mentioned what they wanted to talk about here. They were all interesting things in life or work. At the ball, Xu linyuan danced with sun nv, who had come to China to play with bbō nardo. After the ball, he accompanied them out to play golf for a while. As a result, the two guys were no match for him. They shouted that they must play a few games with Xu linyuan another day. After playing golf for a while, it was around nine o'clock. Xu Linyuan wanted to go out alone to enjoy the night view of Hong Kong. Budoang and Budoang went back to their rooms to rest. However, after Xu Linyuan returned to his room, he said to Evil: "Where is the place where the other party asked me to meet by email? Has this email been confirmed?" Chapter five hundred and twenty mysterious invitation Updated: 2012-10-15 19:19:31 Words in this chapter: 5075 Chapter five hundred and twenty mysterious invitation "Boss, the identity of the other party in the email has been investigated in detail and confirmed to be correct, so you can go to the appointment!" When Xu Linyuan heard the affirmative reply, he did not hesitate, so he picked up a phone in the hall and dialed the number of Wu yuanrui's room next door. Ding-dong! After a while, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,Kava Root Extract, there was a bell ringing. After Xu Linyuan pressed a button to open the bell, he saw Wu yuanrui come in with Xi Zi. The chairman hasn't had a rest yet. Are you looking for me? Xu Linyuan motioned for Wu yuanrui and Xi Zi to sit down and said, "I have something to do and I have to go out. Please arrange a car for me.." Wu yuanrui thought Xu Linyuan had called him here to talk about his work, so he took Xi Zi with him. But he didn't expect Xu Linyuan to go out. He immediately nodded and said, "Please wait a minute. I'll arrange it myself!" As he spoke, Wu yuanrui took out the phone and made a phone call. After saying a few words in Cantonese, he hung up. Then he said to Xu Linyuan, "Chairman, I have arranged Gu Sen, the manager of the company's investment business department, to be your driver and guide. She can take you where you want to go.." After Xu Linyuan nodded, he got up. When Wu yuanrui and Xi Zi saw that Xu Linyuan was going out, they got up and saw him off at the entrance of the hotel.
After waiting for less than three minutes, an Audi qc9 arrived at the m mén entrance of the hotel. A young man, who was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old and looked like t tngjīng, got out of the car and greeted Xu linyuan: "hello, chairman!" This Gu Sen also went to the head office in Shanxi Province to hold a meeting. Xu Linyuan also saw him and heard him say hello, so he took a head. After Xi Zi personally helped him open the car, Xu Linyuan got on the car. Chairman, where are you going? When Gu Sen saw Xu Linyuan get on the bus, he started the car and asked. Go to Disneyland! Xu Linyuan said lightly. Gu Sen heard a strange flash on his face, but he did not think Xu Linyuan was going to Disneyland to play, and naturally he would not ask Xu Linyuan what he was doing there, so he drove out of the hotel and went directly to Disneyland. But the car drove on the road, Gu Sen felt that as an employee of the company, a local pass, whether the chairman really went to Disney to play, or had the obligation to explain to him. So Gu Sen said, "Chairman, Hong Kong Disneyland is generally a world theme park that foreign tourists must go to. The evening is usually the peak period. It is also the most lively from 7:00 to 10:00. The average number of visitors is up to tens of thousands. If you go to play, I can take you directly from the new and backward theme park behind the Mmén. There will be fewer people." If you have an appointment with someone, you can go in from Zhengmmén, where there are many rest areas and quiet streets with a very atmosphere. In the past, if Xu Linyuan came to Hong Kong, he would have to go to Disney to have a good time, but now he did not have so much thought, but he was a little curious in his heart, the other party asked him about the location of the amusement park, which was somewhat beyond his expectation. Gu Sen saw that Xu Linyuan did not seem to have much interest in Disney,Theobromine Powder, so he did not recommend the items to play in detail, but simply explained some facilities in the amusement park. After about ten minutes or so, the car drove to the entrance of the amusement park.
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