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Professor of Magic (17th Nov 22 at 12:57am UTC)
Starting with Fasno and Zhuona, and ending with a red ribbon wrapped around their heads to play the role of Lilita in the flying red scarf, the seven men raised their swords together, and the magic in their bodies flowed, emitting blue, red, yellow and blue light on their swords. Seven rays of light flow in the air, and finally form two big characters, Tianshan Mountain. This is the end of the story of the seven swords to the Tianshan Mountains, but the spirit of heaven will be handed down forever. See you later, everyone. Second Semester Lesson 107 Pauper "Wow" Less than a second after Natasha's closing speech, applause rang out from all corners of the auditorium, so loud that the floor even trembled. Lin yuan squatted in the corner and smiled and felt the praise of the audience for a while. Then he took three steps and two steps to the backstage of the auditorium. At this time, the students were talking excitedly with each other backstage about the performance just now, and one by one they forgot to take off their costumes. When they saw Lin yuan come in, they gathered around him. Miss Lin, did you see our performance just now? "How is it?"? Isn't it great? Seeing the expectant eyes of the students, Lin yuan shook his head with a smile: "This is not what I say, but your performance is for everyone to see." "Che, everyone's response is so enthusiastic, it must be great." Vince boastfully said. The other students are not as cheeky as he is, but just from their expressions, they can see that they are confident about the performance. That being the case, Lin yuan would not discourage their enthusiasm. He nodded forcefully and said, "Vince is right. Before you stepped down, you also saw the reaction of the audience below. Their applause is the greatest recognition of you.". So.. Lin yuan paused and shouted, "Yes, you are the best!" The students immediately cheered,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, although they had long known from the audience's reaction that the performance was very successful, but before Lin yuan's approval, they always seemed to have something missing in their hearts. Now hear Lin yuan so definitely praise, continue half a day of enthusiasm, finally completely burst out. All of a sudden, the whole backstage was filled with the cheers of the students of Class 3, Grade 1. Other students who are preparing for the program can only look at them with envy. After all, the success of the program in Class 3, Grade 1 is obvious to all. Regardless of the creativity of the program, the students of Class 3, Grade 1, have a strong control over magic, which has put others to shame. Okay, okay, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, stop yelling. If you shout again, this place will collapse. Lin yuan smiled and waved to stop the students from cheering. Let's go. To celebrate your success, it's my treat today. Go to Chanel restaurant for a big meal. "Chanel?" The students were all stunned. Vince waited for Lin yuan in disbelief and said, "Teacher Lin, did I hear you right?"? You mean Chanel, not the food stall next to Chanel? "Yes?"? Teacher Lin, are you kidding? Chanel. Can you afford it? Lilita asked incredulously, too. Yeah, yeah, let's go to the food stall we usually go to. Actually, it's pretty good. Several students kept echoing. You Lin yuan is really dumbfounding. It seems that the impression of poverty left by these guys before has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the students, so that they do not believe that he can afford a simple Chanel restaurant dinner. You heard right. It's a Chanel restaurant, not a street stall. When Lin yuan said this, he even gnashed his teeth a little. Anyway, my words are here. Do you like to go or not? "Go!"! Why don't you go? Vince came over for the first time, smiling cheekily. It's rare that Mr. Lin is willing to be so generous. Of course we support him. Don't you think so, students? "Uh-huh.". Of course. Teacher Lin's treat. How can we not go? The people who did not believe it just now changed their tune and nodded all the time. Lin yuan nodded with satisfaction and led the crowd out. But when a group of people shouted and rushed out, Fei Li suddenly approached Lin yuan and whispered, "Teacher Lin, you.." Do you really have enough money? Would you like me to pay some for you first? The last time my father came to see me, he left me no. Ah. Teacher Lin, be careful.
\\\\\” Lin yuan stumbled at his feet and almost hit the door frame. After finally standing still, Lin yuan turned his head and stared at Fei Li, with blue veins on his forehead. It's just a Chanel. Why do students look like they can't afford it? Why! "Lin.." Teacher Lin, you.. Are you all right? I saw Lin yuan's expression of grief, indignation, and suffocation, as well as his fire-breathing eyes. Philly doesn't know why. Rustling tunnel. Don't worry Lin yuan finally squeezed two words out of his teeth. Then I just said.. Ah, I understand. I won't say anything. Fortunately, Fei Li is not a fool, before Lin yuan's veins burst, she finally understood, waved her hand, and trotted with her skirt to keep up with the team in front of her. Lin yuan shook his head helplessly, no wonder the students, who let him leave them too deep impression last semester. The only way to change their minds is to keep telling them that Mr. Lin is rich with facts in the future. But when it comes to money, Lin yuan remembers that although he has earned a lot of copyright fees by cooperating with the boss of Seal to publish a book "The Meaning and Promotion of Sports", it is no problem to invite students to Chanel, but in any case, there is still a big gap from the real wealth. If you want to talk about wealth, it is estimated that you will have to wait until the paperback edition of Mixed Magic Theory and Foundation is fully available. Even so, there is still a big gap between the rich and the rich. Far from it, he could not compare with the families of some students in Class 3, Grade 1. Not to mention the Vince family, one of the richest people in the land of Farinos, not to mention the Princess Philly family,Sex Enhancement Powder, but like Fasno, they have a long family history and abundant capital, which is also far beyond Lin.
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