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Willow Setting Sun Goshawk (23rd Nov 22 at 12:34am UTC)
"Elder brother, I advise you to avoid.." Red Hand said bitterly. Yan Yunfei gritted his teeth and said, "No, I must see it." Yan Yunfei is a stubborn man with personality. He never changes what he believes. Lao Sha and Xiang Qi know him best. They can't twist it over at the moment. I saw Yan Yunfei's palms suddenly push forward. A huge force has rushed to the grave. In the loud noise, I saw dust flying and stones splashing. In an instant, a red lacquer coffin was exposed. Yan Yunfei clasped his palms together and said: Please forgive Yunfei's rudeness. If I don't see your bones with my own eyes, I won't feel at ease in my life. If you are really killed by others, please show me tonight.. A corner of the red coffin was exposed. Yanyunfei felt sour in his heart. Although he and Hanyan had not known each other for a long time, they had an unforgettable sweet time. Although they were married, they were separated by life and death on the first night. This regret could not be removed all the time. He missed his wife day and night and forgot his worries by drinking. Wine almost destroyed his heroic career. After three years, He finally figured out which should be stilted, with full of doubts, determined to open the coffin. After praying silently, Yan Yunfei said bitterly, "Light the fire and fold it. I want to take a closer look.." Xiang Qi and Lao Sha are also a little nervous, after all, this is no small matter, digging the grave is a big irreverent thing, two people immediately lit the fire fold, two flames immediately illuminated the head of the grave. As soon as he gritted his teeth, Yan Yunfei grabbed the corner of the coffin,empty lotion tubes, and with a sudden effort, the lid of the coffin slowly opened, a musty smell rushed out of the coffin, and the light of the fire immediately penetrated in. The eyes of the three men all fell on the coffin. Empty, an empty coffin.. All stupefied there, Liu Hanyan's body disappeared, Yan Yunfei trembled all over,cosmetic plastic tube, never dreamed of Hanyan's body disappeared, he remembered very clearly, the day of the funeral, he personally covered the coffin for Liu Hanyan, all around with rivets, the body can not walk, how mysterious disappeared? What kind of mystery does this mean? "How is that possible?" Yan Yunfei blurted out. In order to trace the cause of Liu Hanyan's death, he did not hesitate to open the coffin to see what she had been poisoned by, but he did not expect that the coffin was empty, and there was no skeleton of his beloved wife. This surprise was really a cold sweat, and even the calm and calm Yan Yunfei had no idea. "Brother," said Xiang Qi thoughtfully, "this matter is getting more and more mysterious. Sister-in-law is the most famous of the seven beauties in Jianghu. Could it be that someone loves her beauty and steals corpses.." These words knocked into Yan Yunfei's heart like thunder and lightning. He remembered that he had seen the grave in the first few days after burying his beloved wife. At that time, he did find a crack on the top of the grave. He was in a sad state. He thought that the project was not perfect enough and the grave was not done well. Now that he thought about it, it was stolen soon after he was buried with smoke? Yan Yunfei said angrily, aluminium laminated tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, "Who has the courage to steal Yan Yunfei's wife.." Bloody Hand Sand's face suddenly sank and he said, "My idea is different from Lao Xiang's.." Staring, Xiang Qi said, "If you have a fart, don't hum here.." Red Hand Sand thought for a moment and said, "I don't think anyone stole the corpse..." Yan Yunfei said angrily, "Does a dead man have his own legs.." At this moment, he had lost the calmness he should have in his anger, and his tone was somewhat violent. Red Old Sand suddenly clenched his teeth and said, "Boss, are you sure sister-in-law is dead?" Dazed, Yan Yunfei opened his eyes wide and said, "Don't you suspect that she's still alive.." Nodding his head, Red Hand Old Sand said, "I do think so.." Yan Yunfei's body was like an electric shock. He looked at the empty coffin and said to himself, "It's impossible, it's impossible.." He was a man who practiced martial arts, and he knew very well what happened when Hanyan died. He had felt her pulse and felt her breath. Hanyan's body was as cold as ice, and he did die at that time. He did not believe that Hanyan could still live. The only explanation was that her body had been stolen.
Red Hand Old Sand pondered for a moment and said, "If you say so, sister-in-law can't live. There's only one way to steal a corpse. But who would steal a woman's corpse? What's the purpose of stealing a corpse?" Xiang Qi, who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly said lightly, "Some people may admire the beauty of sister-in-law too much. Maybe they want to rape the corpse.." Old Sha bumped into Xiang Qi and shouted, "Why do you say that?" Who would have thought that Xiang Qi suddenly sighed and said, "Maybe I've gone too far, but Liu Hanyan, the first of the seven beauties, has moved the martial arts world. There are many people who pretend to be handsome and handsome and are fascinated by her. There are even many people who are crazy about her and die for her. I, Xiang Qi, have never been close to women in my life, but when I see my sister-in-law's lovely appearance, my heart palpitates." Not to mention those who love her like crazy. The beauty of Liu Hanyan is pure and seductive. Xiang Qi never tells lies in his life. This can be said from his mouth. It can be seen what kind of person Liu Hanyan is. Yanyun Flying Man, like a wooden chicken, stands in front of the coffin and stands there in a daze. Xiang Qi's words, like a cold arrow piercing his heart, arouse too much shock in his heart. He admits that the beauty of Hanyan can cause some people's thinking. Who has so much color courage, dare to move his Yan Yunfei wife's brain? Yan Yunfei frowned and said with a murderous look, "There really is such an evil person in the world. I will kill him." "Now we must find out the man who stole the corpse.." Red Hand pondered. Red Hand Old Sand was a very careful man. He searched carefully in the coffin, but there was no doubt. The light of the fire was gradually extinguished. Old Sand stamped his feet angrily. The fire was thrown to the ground. At the moment when the fire fell on the grave, there was a flash of golden light under the bottom corner of the coffin. Although it was a flash of light, Old Sand had bent over to pick it up. It was a gold button. A button made of pure gold was carefully carved and polished. Who in Jianghu had such a big hand to wear a button made of pure gold? He put it in the palm of his hand, looked at it and said, "Master, is this yours?" Dazed, Yan Yunfei took a look and said,plastic packaging tube, "I don't have this kind of thing.." Xiang Qi shouted, "There is such a button in the tomb out of thin air. It is obviously left by the body snatcher. As long as we find out the owner of the button, it will not be difficult to trace it.." 。
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