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Gu Zhenren (23rd Nov 22 at 12:48am UTC)
First of all, there is no evidence to prove that the mysterious fairy and Fang yuan are the same person. Secondly, Fang yuan's motive for plundering the river beach was unknown, and no one knew what madness he was doing. Taishang, everyone is old. What should we do next? Chi Jia Gu Xian didn't say anything, so he had to ask Chi Quyou. Chi Qu's face softened a little, his stomach had already cursed, he also wanted to know what Fang yuan was doing! They rushed here, but Fang yuan had long disappeared. Chi Quyou's situation is very awkward and passive. But on the surface, he must maintain the dignity of the head of the Chi family: "Don't panic, investigate the scene first and collect clues.". Even if Fang yuan runs away now, our Chi family will remember this account, and sooner or later we will let him repay it a thousand times. "Yes, my Lord." The immortals of the Chi family were ordered to leave. The huge Taiyu Temple is suspended in midair, which does not hide the surging momentum and highlights the prestige of the Chi family. After a while, all the bewitching immortals who went out came back with a guilty face. Fang yuan's hands and feet were too clean to leave any valuable clues at all. Even if there are some clues, can we count him? Chi Qu has no hope in his heart, because there is not much way for heaven to take Fang yuan. The Chi family is good at battle formation, but weak in communication and wisdom. If the Chi family wants to find the field this time, they have to spend a lot of money to ask the channel to collect information and clues, and then ask the wisdom to calculate. Then we have to design an ambush, fight against Fang yuan, and fight with Fang yuan. "Alas." Chi Qu sighed in his heart. He felt discouraged when he thought about the process. Because the cost is too high,Nail production machine, the risk is too high, and the benefits are not obvious. To be able to deal with the source of the channel, the wisdom of the great power, of course, can only be eight turn magic fairy. This kind of character wants to ask them to help, the Chi family must spend a huge price. After finding Fang yuan, the Chi family will have to fight with Fang yuan. Can you clean up Fang yuan? It's still two words! Reggae Zhenjun wants to clean up Fang yuan, and his three sternum are hanging in the yellow sky. Heaven wants to invade the blessed land of Langya. The blessed land of Langya was swallowed by Fang yuan. The fairy of Feng Jiuge was stolen by Fang yuan. The crape myrtle fairy took the initiative to be Frank and honest, and took the responsibility for the defeat. What does his family have? Yes,Iron Nail Making Machine, the Chi family is a super power, but compared with the heaven? Heaven has no way to take Fangyuan, crape myrtle fairy hate Fangyuan to the bone, what can we do? Although Fang yuan is only one person, he has many schools and has no shortcomings at all. He himself was cunning, insidious, ferocious and ruthless, and even Wu Yong of the Wu family was played round and round by him. Before the joint pursuit of Southern Xinjiang Zhengdao, he escaped. I led the Chi family, and I wanted to find trouble with him? How interesting Chi Qu is very angry, but at the same time very helpless, very sad. Fang yuan grew up so fast that Chi Quyou felt deeply afraid. Although Fang yuan has only seven turns, it is more troublesome than the usual eight turns. The ordinary eight-turn bewitching immortal, specializing in one way, has no profound wisdom and attainments, and has no fixed immortal tour. "If Fang yuan stops here and stops touching the resources of my family, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, let's just forget it." Chi Quyou sighed repeatedly in his heart. He has decided to stop. The river beach is lost, but the foundation is still there, and it can continue to operate. To put it bluntly, it's just a medium-sized resource, and the Chi family can afford it! "Of course, on the surface, I have to be fiercely indignant, occupy the righteousness, righteous words, make the momentum bigger, can not fall into the fame of the Chi family." "But secretly, they still restrain their own magic immortals, take strict precautions, and focus on management and practice." "If during this period, Fang yuan starts with the resources of other forces, that would be the best!" Moments later, Chi Qu had made up his mind, and he convinced himself with difficulty. It is not easy to let an eight-turn bewitching fairy lead a super force to bow to Fang yuan in secret! But Chi Quyou is a wise leader with a sense of the big picture. It's no good to fight with people like Fang yuan. The Chi family mobilized the whole clan and went all out to bring great trouble to Fang yuan, even the threat to his life.
But the Chi family is bound to pay a huge and even heavy price! This situation, if it happens in the North Plain, is likely to be the whole clan angry, want a hair, directly dry! But in southern Xinjiang.. Calm down, can't you get through life? Lost a medium-sized resource, we have other medium-sized resources, there are more small resource points, large resource points, giant resource points! We can still live well. I lost some face, but the inside is still there. The rafters that come out will rot first. If the Chi family tries their best to fight with Fang yuan, they will hurt themselves, and both sides will be hurt, so that other super forces will benefit, what should they do? Chi Quyou exhaled a foul breath, as if to exhale the suffocation and indignation in his heart. His mood gradually eased. Newspaper-! Fang yuan once again appeared in the Yunzhu Mountains of our clan. He blew up the big array. The two immortals of our clan were defeated and retreated. Now Fang yuan is wantonly plundering all kinds of resources, including a wild wooden immortal that has just taken shape! When Chi Quyou heard this, his face stiffened. The heart that had just calmed down was filled with rising anger in an instant. Fang yuan, *** your ancestors! Verse 755: Cheng Zhu Xian Gu Yunzhu Mountain Range. Fang yuan hangs high in the sky, and the immortal slave way kills four times frequently. Middle, middle, middle! In the halo of the killing move, the wild beaver struggled violently, looked painful and roared constantly. But soon, this resistance quickly declined, and eventually they remained motionless, staying where they were and bowing to the source. Fang yuan smiled and opened the door of the fairy orifice, and the cloud beaver obediently went in. Not only the cloud beaver, but also a large number of other creatures, can not escape the claws of Fang yuan. Yunzhu Mountain, a vast area, is a large resource point, full of rich cloud road marks, it is very normal to breed wild animals,Automatic Nail Making Machine, even ancient wild animals are possible. Fang yuan quickly scraped, with the memory of past lives, he was very clear about the location of these wild animals.
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