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The Archaic Covenant (23rd Nov 22 at 12:50am UTC)
Immediately close your eyes, the trainee academician promotes the method of interpreting the shape of the heart, and the spiritual body is attached to the carriage. This kind of spiritual sensitivity is more clear and thorough than the ordinary sense of thinking. Seeing that he had no reason to close his eyes, Fu Yuzi did not know what this was, but felt that he had better not disturb him. A moment later, he opened his eyes. Mei Shuo looked nervous and cautious. "Let's go to another carriage." "Did we make a mistake again?" Without a positive answer, Mei Shuo grabbed Fu Yuzi's wrist and walked away. He took two steps and felt something was wrong. He picked up the popular idol at the waist. Mei, Mei Shuo, what's going on? "There are orcs in this carriage, which is very dangerous." That was the conclusion of the detective. He felt that he had collided with at least five or more spiritual bodies. How could so many orcs appear in the same place at the same time, and they were murderous, not good men and women. They must have known that they knew their existence, but once they started to fight, with the number of the other side, it was difficult for them to take care of the rain, with this idea, Mei Shuo ran to the junction of the carriage with all his strength, at least, to isolate Fu Yuzi from the battlefield first. At this time, they were at the very end of the carriage. A carriage was ten meters long. With Mei Shuo's posture, even with Fu Yuzi in his arms, it was only two seconds before they reached the junction of the carriage. However, it felt like the time was passing in the blink of an eye, or it was still too long. What luck! The Vatican's dog legs came to the door of their own accord. When moving to the middle of the carriage,Nail machine supplier, a man with a blue scarf wrapped around his head suddenly appeared from the rubber floor of the carriage. That does not mean that he appeared out of thin air, or that he emerged through the floor, and that the man, whose eyesight was as brilliant as Mei Shuo's, could see at a glance that the man had been lying there all the time, but had used a color simulation method to hide his figure so that others could not see it. Don't "take things as they come"! It is clear that this is a heretical way used to steal chickens and dogs. The trainee academician has read in the database that it is a rare cross-ethnic group of the Archaic Relics, and it is another auxiliary assassination technique. And the man wrapped in a blue turban, named "Blue Earth",High Speed Nail Making Machine, is one of the members of the "Rainbow" assassination group outside the cave. Without standing up straight, Lan Rang sat upright on the floor of the carriage, and the short sickle went straight to the lower abdomen of the trainee academician who was about to pass over his head. Like a steeplechase racer, without thinking about it, Mei Shuo split his legs in the air, dodged simply and generously, and his forward speed was not hindered at all. Rainbow will not be alone, Mei Shuo heart prepared, blue soil attack way is too simple, then there must be an ambush. Sure enough, the left and right walls of the carriage strong wind hit, two short sickles blocked in the middle, if not stop moving forward, Mei Shuo may be all right, but Fu Yuzi's body will certainly open two holes. Trainee academicians naturally can not use popular idols as a shield! But also do not think that stopping will be a good choice, rumors of the rainbow's killing skills are not covered, if surrounded by seven of them, Automatic nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, Mei Shuo admitted that he could not protect Fu Yuzi, so he decided to force the past. Strange glory lift luck, infuse into broad green God official robe, robe horn crisp sound, Mei Shuo disease turns body shape, hand a lift, God official robe like cloak general wrap two people, apply the heart method of twist knot, with God official robe for protection, like top fierce spin forward! But listening to the sound of clanging and clanging, the robe horn, which was stronger than the fine steel, not only withstood the attack, but also let the enemy get rid of the short sickle. Old man! Stop them! As he picked up his weapon, Red Gold gave the order. It's all up to me! Say yes! Purple thunder's figure appears before the carriage connection mouth, puts on a good posture, in the hand short sickle in the hand, in the heart thought electricity turns. One of my brothers ate a turtle for no reason yesterday, and even the shadow of the enemy has not been touched. I don't know what's crazy about the one-armed person in charge today. He even said that he wanted to retreat for two days and wait for him to leave the customs. It's really unreasonable. Can the matter of the soul palace be delayed? Although most of the ancient survivors will not dare to play the idea of the living dead after receiving the warning from other caves, if there is a chance, they will lose the great opportunity to make contributions for no reason. This is a golden opportunity! But who taught that cripple to be in charge? I am a subordinate of others. What else can I do.
Holding his breath, the third brother proposed to come out, because he was used to the way of life of the dark side, all the brothers, including himself, took things as they came and imitated the color of environmental protection. I have been a little tired since I came out to play at noon. I just felt bored. This henchman has no way to go in heaven and no way to break into hell. When he meets our rainbow, don't dream of getting away! "Want to go!"! Unless you go out lying down. In terms of name, Purple Thunder ranks last in the rainbow, but he is the first to compare his ability. Seeing through the dog leg spin, he knew that the front hard bar or beating around the Bush were all stupid methods. A rotating object, its weakness would only be at the top or tail, and there would be no third place. The five-level fighting spirit was lifted, and the short sickle was lifted from bottom to top. As expected, it was successfully drawn into the green God's robe. Short sickle all the way up, purple thunder intended to cut the whole God robe in one breath, but when the short sickle reached the height of the enemy's waist, a right leg full of strange glory, cold might as well jump out, kicked purple thunder's chin also kicked his plan, let him roll aside in pain, as a good dog not in the way. At this point, the path of Shen Enhai's probationary academician was extremely smooth, and he finally stepped into another carriage. There were people in the carriage, but they were all old men who dozed off and did not notice the dangerous series of fights at the end of the carriage. Putting down Fu Yuzi, Mei Shuo shook the torn robe. This was not a game with rules. Rainbow would not give up the chase because it was out of bounds. Mei Shuo understood this, so he made a gesture to Fu Yuzi and returned to the end of the carriage through the junction of the carriage. The hidden dragon is ambushed and killed! To meet the trainee academician with the strongest of the seven kills of the sad rainbow, the rainbow really lived up to its reputation, but in a few steps, they had all appeared in the whole group. All of a sudden, Mei Shuo's neck, chest, vulva and limbs,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, three vital parts and possible resistance parts, were locked by seven short sickles. If there were no other accidents, they would be dismembered in the next moment. Explode the word formula. 。
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