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The Strongest Abandoned Young _ Goose Is the Fifth (23rd Nov 22 at 12:55am UTC)
"How is Mu Xiaoyun now?" Ji Xinyi knew that Mu Xiaoyun was the key now, but it was absolutely impossible for her to return Mu Xiaoyun like this. No matter how powerful he is, he is just a person. And what she was thinking about was another thing, which would lead her hatred to the Great Sun God Mountain. In this way, we can not only avoid fighting with the Goddess Holy Gate, but also bring a great enemy to the Great Sun God Mountain. Small rhyme now I have arranged, even if you find the goddess peak, also can not find small rhyme. What's more, I have closed the ban on the Goddess Peak, and I can't enter the Goddess Peak. Ji Xi answered. Ji Xinyi nodded, just want to let Shu Yue and to inform all the above the holy emperor to the goddess peak to gather, there are already more than ten escape light flying over, obviously the holy emperor of the goddess holy door, have learned that someone broke into the goddess holy door to kill. Wang Nanshuang Xiu is extremely high. She is also the emperor of Huadao. She is one of the few people who hate evil in the Goddess Holy Gate. At this time, she is also livid in the middle of the crowd. Nan Shuang Shibo. Ji Xi first greeted Wang Nanshuang with a bow. Wang Nanshuang snorted coldly, "My Goddess Holy Gate is the original Holy Gate?"? So what if the Great Sun God Mountain comes? Why should I set up a yankuai saint for them? Suzerain, if it goes on like this, what face does my holy door have to exist in the holy world? "Wang Nanshuang,14 needle valve, you are so bold that you dare to denounce the suzerain?" A woman who was not weaker than Wang Nanshuang immediately scolded Wang Nanshuang. Elder Martial Sister Nan Shuang, Mu Xiaoyun is not a true disciple of my Goddess Holy Gate after all, but also a yankuai woman.. A Yudao emperor stood up and said slowly, apparently trying to calm the anger of the crowd. Wang Nanshuang, as if he had not heard the words of these two, still said in a cold voice, "I should not have made Mu Xiaoyun a saint,38 tube fitting, but since she was made a saint, I should regard Xiaoyun as the real saint of my goddess.". I should never give Xiaoyun to the Great Sun God Mountain. I, Wang Nanshuang, still say that I would rather die for jade than for tile. Even if I work hard for the last drop of blood of the Goddess Holy Gate, I should not bow to the Great Sun God Mountain. "Nanshuang Shibo, this time it was not the people of the Great Sun God Mountain who broke into my Goddess Holy Gate to kill my Holy Gate Emperor Haian, but the Taoist companion of the Little Rhyme Saint, called Kui.." Shu Yuehe explained to one side. What These later emperors did not know that it was Mu Xiaoyun's Taoist companion who broke into the Goddess Holy Gate. At this time, all the people understood what was going on. The Goddess Holy Gate wanted to take Mu Xiaoyun to death, and the Taoist companion came to the door. Wang Nanshuang's face was livid, and she felt that this was a disgrace to the Goddess Holy Gate. At that time, with the supreme mercy, Saint Nvqing sacrificed herself to save the whole remnant world of the Holy Way. Where did that feeling go? What can she see now? Can the present Goddess Holy Gate still be called Holy Gate? "Suzerain, stainless steel needle valve ,12 needle valve, why don't we send the little rhyme directly to the holy emperor from the Great Sun God Mountain?". Then he leaked the news of Xiaoyun to him. In that case, he would surely go after and kill the emperor. In this way, I, the Goddess, can look on from one side. It would be a great good thing if he killed the emperor. Another holy emperor offered advice. Shut up! Is this the best you can do? Don't you feel ashamed? I, Wang Nanshuang, still feel ashamed. Now that he has come to my holy door to kill people, we will kill him directly and use Xiaoyun as bait. Is that what my holy door should do? Wang Nanshuang's face became more and more ugly. Ji Xinyi's heart is also uncomfortable, in fact, her heart's plan is the same, just a slight modification. Wang Nanshuang's attitude simply ignored her, the suzerain. Kui didn't even dare to reach out his divinity, for he was afraid of being discovered by the Daoyuan Emperor. If he wanted to go, no one here could stop him, and even the Emperor of the yuan Dynasty could not find him and arrest him. But he can't go now, Xiaoyun has not been rescued, how can he go? The place he was in at this time was so cold that he didn't like it very much. He didn't think there was such a place at the Goddess Gate. But he didn't leave immediately. He was thinking about how to get into Goddess Peak.
After a wick of incense, he decided to find out his divinity carefully. If he had been afraid to find out his divinity, he would have been unable to find the location of the Goddess Peak. A low hill appeared in the divinity of Kui. In this hill, Kui saw three big characters'Prison Gate Mountain '. If this place is already very cold, then the prison gate mountain is even more cold in the cold, not only that, but also with a kind of indescribable breath. The mottled and messy breath cut off his divine consciousness and made him feel uncomfortable all over. From time to time, some of the Yin fire that burns the primordial spirit invades his divine consciousness, making him feel that if he stays here for a long time, his knowledge of the sea will be seriously damaged. Kui's divinity swept into the prison gate mountain, and he immediately felt countless prohibitions in the prison gate mountain, some of which were overt, some hidden, and some natural hidden prohibitions. A beautiful woman, who looked a little pale, was imprisoned in a dungeon on the low hill, where the restraint was relatively simple. Perhaps all the woman's energy was used to endure the burning of the Yin fire and resist the cold mottled breath, and the divine consciousness swept over her body without her noticing it at all. Kui secretly said in his heart that the Goddess Holy Gate was really doing all kinds of bad things behind her back, and that the beautiful woman who was imprisoned here was absolutely suffering from human torture. Even if he this kind of divinity strong person, sweeps with the divinity in this place, also has experienced the innumerable Yin fire burning, how can the ordinary person stand here? In addition to these Yin fire burning, those cold mottled breath, directly let people's repair for a straight drop, in here for a day, repair for a day down. It's still falling in torment. It can be said that the people detained in this place,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, even if it is Hun yuan Shengdi, as long as it is a long time, is bound to die.
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