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Great pride (28th Nov 22 at 1:15am UTC)
Hua Yun suddenly burst into wild laughter. He stared at Sima Yu and said, "Hua doesn't care about praise or blame, and he doesn't ask for forgiveness. You are really cute when you are young. But when you get to my age, I'm afraid you won't be so naive. I tell you that there are only interests in the martial arts world, and there is no sense of justice." Sima Yu said, "The older generation thinks that they have experienced many vicissitudes of life and have suffered a lot. They should have another view of the world. When we are in the martial arts world, we should be chivalrous and righteous. If we only pay attention to interests and not morality, we will become bandits in the green forest." Hua Yun said with a smile, "Shaoxia, your childlike heart is worthy of praise. I hope you can persevere, but.." Prove it in the future! As soon as Hua Yun stopped laughing, he turned to Jiang Zixiang and said in a harsh voice, "Since you left Wanlou Pavilion, you've been spending all day in the gentle village of Biyun Village. You haven't made any progress. Now Li Binghong has driven you out, and you're hiding here. Do you want to be an old man of Shangshan?"? I didn't expect you to be a depressed and decadent disciple in Wanlou Pavilion. When Jiang Zixiang took the blame, Qi Ran replied, "It's only because you have disappeared from Jianghu that I dare not go out and live in seclusion in the mountains and forests. It's not my will. I don't want to make progress." Hua Yun snorted coldly, "I know you're secretly dissatisfied with my handling of the Li brothers and sisters, but as a disciple of Wanlou Pavilion, I don't think you dare to have an attack." When Jiang Zixiang heard this,large palm trees for sale, he changed his color. "I've never had such an idea before," he said. "My teacher's order is as heavy as a mountain, and my teacher's kindness is as deep as the sea. How can I not obey it?" "Good, good, good," said Hua Yun! The teacher is wrong to blame you. You go to clean up and go back to Wanlou Pavilion with me. "My disciple has been killed," said Jiang Zixiang. When he had finished,large artificial blossom trees, he bowed to Sima Yu and his party and said, "Sit down for a moment. Zixiang will step back first." After Jiang Zixiang went out of the room, there was silence in the room, and Hua Yun paced from the room. When Xue Qi went up, she suddenly remembered the whereabouts of Ling Chuan and asked, "Has Miss Ling ever recovered from her illness?"? We are all very concerned. Mention Ling Kui, that Hua Yunse suddenly peaceful, Wen Sheng said: "Thank you for your concern, she has completely recovered, but also to tell you that her name is now Hua Ling Kui." 'Hua Ling! ' They all read in unison. Hua Yun nodded and said, "She is my own daughter. She should return to her own surname. Ling is also very concerned about you. In the martial arts world, you move around frequently. See you later." Sima Yu said, "Miss Wu has already acquired a profound knowledge of martial arts, and now the older generation of Hua has given her a further refinement. If we meet in the future, artificial grass panels ,artificial banyan trees, it will be an honor for the younger generation to be known as friends. If we meet with enemies, the younger generation will certainly be able to withstand a blow." Hua Yun said with a smile, "The distinction between friends and enemies is made by people themselves. Hua doesn't take the initiative. Friends treat each other with courtesy. Enemies treat each other with swords. Friends and enemies divide time and feel resentful. My daughter has shared hardships with you. We should not regard you as enemies. I'm afraid.." "What are you afraid of?" Asked Sima Yu. "What are you afraid of?" Hua Yun said in a profound way, "I'm afraid you all regard Wanlou Pavilion as an enemy, so I'll have to force my daughter to turn against me and hold the sword." Leng Rubing observed in the dark. Suddenly he touched her and asked, "The words of the elder are flashing faintly. Is there a mystery in them?" Hua Yun's face flashed with fear. Suddenly he smiled and said, "There is a mystery, but it's not hidden in Hua's heart. It's just hidden in all the phenomena of heaven and earth. There are so many changes between heaven and earth that it's hard to predict. I hope Wanlou Pavilion can make friends with any school in Wulin. Hua is very lucky!"! Wulin is very lucky! Later, the four words "Wulin is very lucky" have implied that the power of Wanlou Pavilion is strong and can not be an enemy. Ma Huizhi and Ling Juan got along very well with each other. After Ling Juan followed Hua Yunhui that day, she kept thinking about it and asked, "Miss Ling Juan of Xuanbing Valley went after her predecessors that day. I don't know where she is now." Hua Yun said, "Miss Ling Juan is now living in the Wanlou Pavilion. Although she has not joined the Wanlou Pavilion, the old hatred between Xuanbing Valley and Hua has finally been cancelled. This is the most pleasant thing that Wanmou has done in the past twenty years.".
” When Sima Yu heard that Ling Juan already had a trust, he felt at ease and exulted, "Enemies should be solved rather than tied up. Besides, there is no deep hatred. Miss Ling can be trusted in the Wanlou Pavilion. Ling and Jiuquan have knowledge, and they should feel at ease." Hua Yun suddenly thought and said, "Miss Ling Juan once mentioned Sima Shaoxia. She said," Shaoxia, although Xiao Fu is very good and has deep internal force, the long sword in his waist is very mediocre. It's hard for him to grasp the first chance when he fights. She feels sorry for you. " Hearing this in Sima Yu's ears, he was deeply moved. He said to himself, "Hua Yun wants to stay and teach each other. I can't miss it. I miss this. I immediately replied," The younger generation's swordsmanship is mediocre. I've known it for a long time. It's just that I don't have a good teacher. If the elder Hua can teach each other a little, it will be the younger generation's luck. " A burst of loud laughter shook the house and Hua Yun said in harmony, "I don't blame you for saying that Shaoxia is easy to win the girl's heart. It turns out that you are very articulate. It seems that the old man is also moved by your words. However, Wanlou Pavilion is not famous for its swordsmanship, but it is a set of swordsmanship that has no name. Even if you fight with a famous swordsman, you will not be easily defeated." Sima Yu said, "With the amazing martial arts of the older generation, the swordsmanship is extraordinary. Be sure to give me some advice." Hua Yun smiled faintly and said, "Don't give me a compliment. This Wanlou Pavilion is already worth ten times as much. I dare not teach each other. But I would like to talk to you about the way to practice the sword. Some people advocate practicing the sword Qi hard, while we advocate practicing the sword hard. Qi is the comparison of the strength of internal force, and skill is the change of moves. If Qi and skill can be combined, of course, it has reached the superior realm of the imperial sword. Otherwise, it is better to practice the sword without practice Hua Yun's voice paused for a moment. Seeing that everyone was listening attentively, he said to himself, "Although swordsmanship is complicated, there are only three invariable methods, that is, quick, accurate and ruthless. Let's talk about quick first. Shaoxia, please take a cup of tea in your hand." Sima Yu lifted the teacup on the table and put it flat in front of his chest. Hua Yun said, "Put your hands vertically so that the teacup is as close to the ground as possible." Sima Yu put his hand vertically,faux ficus tree, and the teacup in his hand was close to his knee, no more than a foot from the ground. Hua Yun added, "You can let go of the teacup at any time now." Only then did they understand that Hua Yun intended to show his strange swordsmanship.
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