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The Story of the Daughter of the Quick Wear Strate (28th Nov 22 at 1:16am UTC)
In the next series of questions, even if how sharp, straight to the Yunyi, Yunyi is still so a calm smile. Originally, the director also had a "stomp" in his heart, which constantly cursed the supporting role who took it out in his heart. Is this a promotion of the show, or is it an attempt to destroy the show? However, in the next second, after Yunyi spoke, the director's heart slowly came down. The first time I was filming, I accidentally hit Li Zilin by mistake. I admitted it and apologized to Li Zilin at the same time. She also understood my behavior. But what you call jealousy, I want to ask, why should I be jealous? Everyone has his own duty. She got the female number one because she showed her strength and was appreciated by the scriptwriter and director. I also have my advantages. A play is not an actor's life. If I really envy others and hit others for this, then I will destroy myself. Yun Yi stood up and retorted the reporter's words in a strong voice. [Ding strategy favorability + 5, total favorability 40, the host is great!] Yun Yi's words not only clarified himself, but also showed Li Zilin's magnanimity. He did not belittle other actors, which made the director look at them differently. Ladies and gentlemen, today's focus is on our drama. Please don't always be entangled with individual actors. Otherwise, I, the best actor, will become a foil? After Gu Nansheng opened his mouth, the reporters also knew that Gu Nansheng was speaking for Yunyi. However, they have to take this step and turn their problems to other places. Li Zilin lowered his head and squinted with a little malice in his eyes. She did not expect that, in this way, can not let Yunyi lose his reputation, and Gu Nansheng would help Yunyi? Because of this matter, this cloud according to the limelight, for a time surpassed Li Zilin. Li Zilin also did not think of at that time, he also wanted to let the cloud according to the ruin of reputation, but did not expect to become to help her famous. However, what makes Li Zilin even more unexpected is that when Jun Mobei's album came out,large ficus tree, Yunyi became even more well-known. Zilin, you can't do this. A woman sat opposite Li Zilin, looked at her so distressed appearance, and explained. Murray, you don't understand. This woman is Li Zilin's good friend, Xue Molei. However, instead of acting, he made his debut by singing. The sweet voice, like the sounds of nature, swept the whole entertainment circle in an instant. Okay, I don't understand, but, uh, you have to watch your image. Xue Molei gave Li Zilin a white look. "Do things to do things, but remember not to let others take pictures." I know Li Zilin nodded, still fiddling with the nail polish he had just bought and painting his fingernails. By the way, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,fake blossom tree, I will go to H country in a few days. The meaning of Xue Molei's words is that I can't help you recently. Yeah, I know. Be safe. Li Zilin, who had been her classmate and friend for so long, naturally understood. Chapter 248 the movie king is mine (18) (aiyousheng. Com). But Xue Molei. In my previous life, even when I was framed, I still stood on my own side. Li Zilin now remember this feeling, naturally will not go to misunderstand anything else. Xue Molei had just left her house when her cell phone rang again. Li Hancui has been calling Li Zilin crazily in recent days. I don't know if she has encountered any difficulties. Look at your cell phone, let it ring, but there is no movement. After Li Hancui's phone stopped, Yan Xi's phone rang again. It can be seen that these two people should stay together again, right? "Hello?" Li Zilin's finger slipped on the screen and connected the phone. Hey, Li Zilin, why don't you answer Cuicui's phone? As soon as he opened his mouth, he questioned Li Zilin about this matter. Li Zi Lin smiled coldly, oh, generally smart enough people, will not ask this kind of question. In her previous life, she must have blindfolded herself with lard so that she could not see their true faces clearly.
Why, is that why you came to me? Besides, how do you know I didn't answer? Are you two staying together? Li Zilin's voice was a little cold, like a sarcastic opening. Yan Xi on the other end of the phone paused, and it could be guessed that she must be preparing some lies to perfunctory her. Come on, what can I do for you? Without waiting for Yan Xi's explanation, she doesn't want to hear it now anyway. Namely Namely Yan Xi stammered a little, his face was red with anger, and he did not know how to open his mouth. A big man, unexpectedly no money, but also to ask his girlfriend for money. More or less, you will feel a little ashamed. There's no money, is there? Yan Xi couldn't say it, so Li Zilin said it for Yan Xi. E (o ⊙) … Li Hancui, who was beside Yan Xi, saw Yan Xi's face and pushed Yan Xi. After being pushed like this, Yan Xi stammered to say "yes". However, Li Zi Lin's next sentence to block the mouth, "since there is no money, they will not earn it?"? Are you a man? If you learn the piano, you can be a tutor. You can't. It's useless, isn't it? "You can't be that useless, can you?"? Enough to hurt a man's self-esteem, even if it is a shameless man, will be angry. No, it's not that. It's just, I haven't seen you for a long time, so I called you. Yan Xi died to save face, Li Zilin did not pay attention, hung up. Listening to the opposite "toot toot" voice, Li Hancui looked at Yan Xi so embarrassed expression, frowning, "what's wrong?" "I will work hard to make money, and you can rest assured that Cuicui." Yan Xi hugged Li Hancui in one hand,silk ficus tree, but refused to say what was said on the other end of the phone. Li Hancui buried in his arms, did not speak, but his mind turned to other things.
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