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The prince wears the cat of the cost palace [entry (28th Nov 22 at 1:17am UTC)
The maid followed her eyes and said proudly, "This ice mirror is also made by our Empress Liu. Not only that, Empress Liu also has a special method of making ice.". Therefore, ice is not a rare thing in the Western Chu State. Rong Cha repeatedly sighed with emotion, the same is through, this Liu Queen can carry modern weapons and medical knowledge, and she, usually can only raise some flowers and plants. The person who has the aura of the heroine is simply too happy. I'll do it myself. She was not really hurt, so naturally it was not easy for the maid to take the medicine. Rong Cha naturally took the small porcelain bottle and said to the maid, "Well, if you have nothing to do, you can go out and watch me. I want to have a rest here first.". Also, I think your Baiyao is good to use, and I can use it. Your doctor doesn't have to come. "Here." The maid listened to her words, went out quietly, and closed the door. Rong Cha turned around, leaned on a soft couch, picked up an apricot-colored silk fan, and gently fanned himself. She planned to delay as long as possible until it was almost time for the banquet to take the palace people back to the banquet. The chill of the ice, chasing into every corner, and the wind of the silk fan, made her feel like she was in a fairyland,smartboard for business, which really made her feel a little sleepy. And in front of Rong Chahe's eyes, when her peripheral vision passed over the rhombus mirror in front of her, she saw a figure reflected in the rhombus mirror. Rong Cha's sleepiness suddenly disappeared. She looked at the bronze mirror without blinking, stared at it several times over and over again, and finally confirmed that it was Yuchi Jing. At this time, Wei Chi Jing, dressed in the black clothes of the bodyguard, was reclining against the wall behind her. The swing of the silk fan suddenly stopped,interactive panels for education, and a torrent poured into Rong Cha's heart, and there was so much joy. After the joy, her mind turned to several ideas, thinking that he disguised himself, mixed into the palace of Western Chu, must have an ulterior purpose, she is not good to pierce directly. But Wei Chi Jing stood in a position that was obviously for her to see, and she could not pretend not to see. Turning round and round in his heart, Rong Cha lowered his eyelashes and reminded him aloud, "Are you in the wrong place?" "Maybe it's the wrong way." The man behind him seemed to be talking to himself. His voice was sweet, like celadon in the rain, and his words were accompanied by some sadness. "I'm looking for my wife. I wonder if the princess can see her?" Rong Cha's mind shook slightly. She nibbled her lips and asked carefully, "Your wife?"? Is she important to you? It allows you to drag your sick body and venture into the palace of Western Chu. The man seemed to be lost in thought for a long time, but there was no response. Rong Cha felt perturbed and pinched the handle of the fan nervously. After all, she did not know whether Wei Chi Jing had given up on her, smart boards for conference rooms ,75 smart board, and did not want to be mistaken. It was not until the light "so it is" came that her tight heartstrings loosened slightly. Rong Cha's two dimples gave birth to a smile. He continued to shake the silk fan and said to him, "You put her in your heart so much. Come to think of it, your wife is also a perfect woman with both talent and appearance, isn't she?" But the man said, "My wife is not a perfect woman.". Although she is naturally beautiful, she is still inferior to many famous talented women in knowledge. Rong Cha's face sank. Suddenly he slapped the silk fan on the edge of the couch. He turned his face and thought, "If you can't speak, don't say anything." The man stepped forward, leaned slightly, and grasped the handle of the fan. Pulling up the handle of the fan, he touched her finger. Tall figure enveloped her whole person, Wei Chi Jing quietly close to her cheek. Her little face was reflected in the shining eyes of the phoenix, which was obviously full of affection. "But there are so many women all over the world," he murmured. For me, my wife is the most important one. She is not a learned person, but she has my favorite temperament. What's more, she was deeply in love with me, and even traveled thousands of miles to find medicine for me. I can't let her down. Rong Cha felt the warmth of his fingertips, his heart was sweet, and the depression just disappeared. Immediately, she realized that it was wrong. When did she fall in love with him? Wei Chi Jing did not give her a chance to ask questions. He lowered his head and pecked her lips. Belonging to the man's fiery breath, all sprinkled on her face, so that her eyes, her nose, her lips, is full of strong man's breath invasion.
When the ears and temples were grinding, the fingers with thin cocoons stroked her eyebrows, and the man coaxed her softly in her ear, "I worked hard and finally saw the princess.". Princess, can you give me a candy? The author has something to say: Dog Prince: Cha Cha is deeply in love with me, and the self-strategy is 100% achieved! It's the end of the month. Do you have any nutrient solution? Can you help me irrigate some? Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: 7 horns; 5 Hehe; 1 cutie; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: 10 bottles of Pajama Princess; 1 bottle of Erha's World and Zhinan Tea Warm Self-recommendation All these days, I've been missing the princess so much. Come to think of it, the princess must be thinking of me, too. Wei Chi Jing pecked Rong Cha's lips, and one hand passed through her armpit and fell on her waist. He hugged her tightly and kept her close to his chest. And the fanatical kiss is also telling the yearning for many days. Rong Cha can't even say a word. Wei Chi Jing and her lips and teeth depend on each other, enjoy attacking the city, as if to leave their own traces in every part of her. In the air, the breath of men and women mixed together, and it was surprisingly hot. When he left her lips, her lips were a little swollen, red and bleeding, like rose petals in the morning, bright and wet. And her eyes, if covered with a layer of morning mist, made her look like a panicked elk. When Yuchi Jing saw her appearance, he was even more crazy about her and wished he could keep her in his arms forever. His Adam's apple rolled gently, and his eyes were full of aggression. And the thought of her on board, talking with the rest of the guards, made him so angry that he felt that the woman was really heartless. Even though she was heartless,electronic board for classroom, he still liked her and couldn't help missing her. Now, seeing the person in mind, Wei Chi Jing just wants to put his thoughts into action.
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