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Golden Snake Shuttle-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Para (28th Nov 22 at 1:22am UTC)
Master Baiyuan reached out to help him up. He reached into his arms and took out four medicine bottles, purple, red, white and black, each containing pills. But listen to Xiao Luo's weak voice then said: "Purple and red each one, white three, black four …" …” At this point, Xiao Luosheng seemed to be as angry as a gossamer. Master Baiyuan did not dare to neglect, so he poured out four jade bottles of pills and put them into Xiao Luosheng's mouth. Then he took off his waist and asked the kettle to let him swallow a few mouthfuls of water. As soon as the purple, red, white and black pills entered Xiao Luosheng's stomach, his face immediately changed, his eyes opened, and he regained his spirits. Master Baiyuan looked startled and thought, "What kind of panacea is this? It has such a miraculous effect.." He gazed at the four bottles of pills with amazement on his face. Suddenly he heard a sad sigh and said, "After eating these four bottles of pills, my life will be over." Master Baiyuan could not understand the meaning of his words, so he said, "Sheng'er, you have already taken the elixir, and your spirit has recovered. How can you still say such unlucky words?" Xiao Luosheng shook his head and said, "Uncle, what kind of elixir is there? It's just a drop of heartbroken and extremely intense poison. Usually a person only needs to eat one pill, which is enough to make him die on the spot.". "What's the matter?" Master Baiyuan asked hurriedly? What you ate was poison! He never dreamed that what Xiao Luosheng ate was poison. If,face detection android, as he said, one pill could take a person's life, and Xiao Luosheng ate nine pills, why was he full of energy? It was puzzling. "Not bad," said Xiao Luosheng with a wry smile. These four bottles of pills were stolen by my teacher Wan Lihong from the "Poison Master" Huang Shizi in the past year. Purple is the dove crown, red is the white step, white is the tulip, and black is the heartbroken black. Master Baiyuan was stunned. He paused for a long time and asked, "Sound,digital signage kiosk, then how can you eat such a violent poison?" In the past, Huang Shizi, a master of medicine and poison, was an expert in preparing poisons. "Jiu Guan Ding", "Bai Bu Fan", "Tulip" and "Gelsemium elegans" are four world-famous strong poisons. A tragedy happened in Wulin that year. A master of the underworld once stole a pill of "Gelsemium elegans" and quietly put it into drinking water in the Wulin meeting 40 years ago. He immediately poisoned sixty martial arts masters, causing the whole martial arts world to suffer a great disaster. "Uncle," said Xiao Luosheng sadly, "the voice has some unspeakable words. Please don't ask too many questions. You will know by then. At present, my spirit and body have been completely recovered, and my martial arts have been restored. It seems that I can't do anything at present, alas! Let's go after that woman! Master Baiyuan only gazed at Xiao Luosheng, but when he saw his sad face, he could not ask more questions at the moment. He nodded and sighed as if he still didn't believe it. He said, "Sound, as Yang Zhuping said, temperature check kiosk ,digital whiteboard price, you are a mysterious person." Xiao Luo suddenly shouted, "Uncle." His clothes were wet with tears, and he wanted to tell Master Baiyuan about his disability, but when he had a quarrel, he suddenly swallowed it, because he was afraid that Master Baiyuan would make him sad when he knew about it. Master Baiyuan sighed lightly, "I'm not blaming you, I'm just.." Xiao Luosheng suddenly asked, "Uncle, please don't say anything. What I want to know now is whether someone was calling her name when the girl went there." It turned out that Xiao Luosheng was concentrating on the attack of the beautiful girl in blue at that time, so he did not hear the call from the sky. Master Baiyuan nodded and replied, "Yes, the woman in blue is my teacher" Gumu "who is alive. I don't think she can beat her. But I did hear three cries of" the woman in the underworld "and immediately flew away, as if she had suffered a kind of.." "Can't someone take advantage of her martial arts skills?" He was very suspicious. Xiao Luosheng's face was also calm. After thinking for a long time, he said, "The woman of the underworld, does this obviously mean that she is not an earthly person?"? Alas! What the hell is going on here? Pity a beautiful woman who has been so tragically killed and fallen into such a situation. Master Baiyuan's heart moved and he said, "Voice, I think that woman's behavior is a little strange. She seems to be an idiot.".
” "Uncle," Xiao Luo sighed lightly, "have you ever heard of the legend of driving away zombies?" When Master Baiyuan heard this, he recalled that his late teacher had talked about an evil way. … "This woman is a living or dead person," he said in great surprise. Xiao Luosheng nodded and said, "Not bad.". She is a soulless person. In this moment, Master Baiyuan suddenly felt that Wulin was facing an extremely terrible shadow, which shrouded the lives of thousands of people. Imagine such an irrational woman, whose martial arts are unparalleled in the world, who, driven by evil people, turns the whole Jianghu Wulin into a horrible world. "Without further ado," said Xiao Luo in a deep voice, "we must hurry to catch up with her and see who drives her and how to control her. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable." Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Master Baiyuan, regardless of his heavy internal injuries, stood up with a sudden breath of True Qi and said: "She disappeared to the southeast. Let's follow her." With these words, the two of them started their flying skills and ran away. In the southeast, they fell in love with each other. They ran to six or seven peaks in one breath. Suddenly, they heard a stuffy hum from Master Baiyuan. He fell to the ground. Xiao Luo was startled. He turned his head and ran back to help Master Baiyuan up. But seeing that his face was pale and bloodless, he asked anxiously, "Uncle, what's the matter with you?" Master Baiyuan breathed a sigh of relief and said with a wry smile, "I'm old!"! Alas! It's useless. This sentence is extremely tragic and desolate. It turned out that Master Baiyuan was defeated by Lanyilinu, which made him feel that his martial arts were really unfathomable, and the mountains were higher than the mountains. He had been practicing in Shaolin for decades, and he was quite good. Unexpectedly, when he came out of Jianghu, he suffered this kind of frustration for the first time, which made him feel disheartened. Xiao Luosheng also saw what was going on in Master Baiyuan's mind. He thought to himself, I can't imagine that this old monk, who is deeply cultivated, is also a person with a strong competitive heart. "Uncle," said Xiao Luo,digital signage screen, "shall we rest here for a while?" Master Baiyuan shook his head and said, "No, I'll just take a few breaths." 。
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