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The Complete Collection of How to Make a Bad Guy _ (28th Nov 22 at 1:24am UTC)
Xie Wendong chuckled and said, "It's not important.". It's just that I think things in Shanghai have dragged on for too long and should be brought to an end. Xiang Wentian asked with a smile, "What kind of ending does Brother Xie want to make?" Xie Wendong said, "How can two people stand side by side in one Shanghai?"? In the end, there is only one person who can stay. As for the other one, either lie down or withdraw! Xiang Wentian nodded his head and said with a smile, "En!"! Brother Xie has a point, so let's see who can be the last one to stand! "Ha ha!" Xie Wendong looked up and smiled, waved his hand, did not speak, and quickly got into his car. Seeing that their boss had come back, the gang at the North and South Red Gate sat back in the car and started slowly. The countless vehicles crowded in front of the gate of the city Bureau were instantly divided into two teams, divided into left and right, running in the opposite direction. Xie Wendong returned to his own place. It was not long before Liu Bo hurried over. When he came near, he said in a low voice, "Brother Dong, Li Tianhua's identity has been found out." "Oh?" Xie Wendong raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Tell me about it." "Li Tianhua doesn't have any background, but he has a close relationship with the Minister of Public Security. He is said to be a fellow countryman, and later became a comrade-in-arms. He has deep feelings and good relations.." Liu Bo told the results of his investigation one by one. Oh, I see! Xie Wendong nodded, no wonder Li Tianhua would be so overbearing,Granite Slab Supplier, the original is the Minister of Public Security to rely on. In that case, this man is quite troublesome. Xie Wendong can ignore the ordinary police, but dare not despise the Minister of Public Security, in any case, that is also the Minister, the position is there. Xie Wendong hesitated for a moment. Then he looked up at Xiangdong Xinlei and asked, "Lao Lei, when will Master Zhang arrive in Shanghai?" Dong Xinlei calculated the time and said,Calacatta Quartz Slab, "It should be soon!"! It will be no later than five o'clock in the afternoon. "Yes!" Xie Wendong nodded. Dong Xinlei asked, "Brother Dong, now there is Li Tianhua as a stumbling block.". Should we launch an attack on Nanhongmen? According to the original plan, they came to Shanghai to make a gesture of going all out to fight Nanhong to the death, so as to lead the other side to attack Hukou. Now there is a sudden Li Tianhua, which is really a headache. Xie Wendong said with a smile, "We must fight. We'll make a decision after Master Zhang arrives." Zhang Yi arrived in Shanghai at three o'clock in the afternoon. With the arrival of Zhang Yi, it can be said that the senior cadres of Beihongmen have basically gathered in Shanghai, with neat personnel and a large number of helpers. At this time, it seems that they really have the posture of crossing the Rubicon and competing with Nanhongmen. In the evening, after dinner, the twill puppet called all the senior cadres of Beihongmen and Wendong Association to hold a simple spray meeting. When everyone had arrived, he said bluntly, "I'm going to attack the stronghold of Nanhongmen tonight. If you have any comments, just put them forward." Ouyang Luo, the person in charge of Beihongmen in Shanghai, Slate Wall Panel ,Grey Marble Slab, said hurriedly, "Brother Dong, since we attacked Lu Kou's stronghold last time, the defense there has been very strong. If we storm the past, I'm afraid we may not be able to take advantage of it." Xie Wendong smiled and said, "It doesn't matter whether we can take advantage of it or not. We mainly want to let Nanhongmen see it. This time, we really want to fight a decisive battle with it!" Dong Xinlei said with a straight face, "Brother Dong, let me fight for a while." Xie Wendong thought about it, shook his head and said, "Let Brother Zhang go. By the way, let Brother Zhang show his face in front of Nanhong Gate." Zhang Yi said with a smile, "Brother Dong, I'm afraid it's inappropriate for me to take the lead, and I'm not suitable either. It's better to do this. Lao Lei is in the front and I'm in the back. It's best to attack the stronghold of Nanhongmen from both sides. If we can't, we won't fight with each other. We'll retreat. As long as we can let the people of Nanhongmen know that I'm in Shanghai." "Yes!" Xie Wendong nodded and smiled and said, "Good!"! Brother Zhang, just do what you want! There was nothing to say that night, and at two o'clock in the morning the next day, a large number of people in the North Hongmen, led by Dongxinlei and Zhang Yier, went to the South Hongmen stronghold.
Their side just out, south Hongmen stronghold also got the news, guarding the stronghold of Lu Kou hurriedly organized his brothers, ready to resist the attack of north Hongmen. The two sides launched a large-scale firefight at the stronghold of Nanhongmen, and the front and back doors became the intersection of the struggle between the two sides. However, when the fight between the two sides reached a white-hot level, suddenly the siren sounded, and at least 20 police cars sped toward this side. East heart thunder drink a surprised, coincidentally pass the order, let the following brothers immediately retreat, originally a big fight in the dark, in the sudden presence of the police, hastily ended. However, the police had no intention of giving up on this. They were divided into two groups. One group blocked the stronghold of Nanhongmen, launched an investigation and arrested the people who took part in the armed fight, while the other group pursued the fleeing Beihongmen gang. As a result, under the relentless pursuit of the police, four cars were detained on the side of Beihongmen, and more than 100 members were detained by the police. The loss of fighting with Nanhongmen is not big, but let the police capture more than one hundred brothers, the loss is not laughing, but Dongxinlei drank Zhang 12 people ran fast enough, did not fall into the hands of the police. Acting on behalf of their brothers, they managed to shake off the pursuit of funds and return to their own field. As soon as they explained the situation to Xie Wendong, their buttocks were not yet hot, and only the appearance sirens sounded everywhere. It was not long before a younger brother ran in in a panic and said in a trembling voice, "Brother Dong, it's not good. Outside,grey marble slab, the appearance is all police!" Xie Wendong frowned, waved his hand and smiled. "Don't be afraid," he said easily. "I'll go out and have a look." 。
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