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Wolong gives birth to lovers at the end of the wor (28th Nov 22 at 1:28am UTC)
Ximen Yushuang felt that the wind on his fingers was strong, and his hands were not close to him. He knew that he had special martial arts on his fingers, but he did not dare to despise them. His delicate body flashed slightly, avoiding the front, and his right wrist turned over and clapped on the right wrist of the long-haired man. The long-haired man's right hand fell back, but his left hand clapped out a palm quickly and hit the past. Ximen Yushuang secretly lifted the True Qi, pushed it out with his left hand, and took a hard palm. The two palms were solid, and each of them was shocked to take a step back. The long-haired man was in a daze and said, "What a powerful internal force! Do you dare to take my hand again?" Call a move "flying cymbals strike the bell" to hit the past. Ximen Yushuang flexed his fingers, and a wisp of wind hit the pulse of the long-haired man. The long-haired man seemed to have known that he had met a strong enemy. He took two steps back to avoid a blow. His eyes were full of divine light. He stared at Ximen Yushuang's face for a while. He said coldly, "This magic skill of snapping fingers has been passed down in Jianghu for a long time. Where did you learn it?" As soon as Ximen Yushuang saw him open his mouth, he told him the origin of his martial arts. He couldn't help but feel moved. He said to himself that he could recognize this "magic skill of snapping fingers". He was not a mediocre person. It seemed that today's World War I would be a fierce fight. If he could surrender this man and take it for his own use, it would be a very useful helper. He changed his mind and immediately said, "If you can see the'magic skill of snapping fingers', it serves to show that you are brilliant. Then you should retreat in the face of difficulties." The long-haired man said angrily, "Although the magic skill of snapping fingers is a legendary skill in Wulin, I am not afraid." Ximen Yushuang gave a sneer and said, "You want to kill yourself." She had something in mind,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, hoping to provoke him and make him do his best, so that she could convince him with her martial arts and take it for her own use. "What a big tone!" The long-haired man said angrily. Double palm chain split out, blink of an eye to attack eight strokes. These eight moves are completed at one go, and the speed is so fast that people are too many things to see. Lin Hanqing sighed to himself, What a quick palm. Ximen Yushuang turned his body quickly and made way for his eight palms. It turned out to be the last move, but he said coldly, "Are you convinced?" The long-haired man said, "Qidou Magic Star Step is a unique learning on the Miaoyin Nunnery in the South China Sea. It's hard to hide it from my eyes." Ximen Yushuang shrugged his willow eyebrows and said secretly,brushless gear motor, "This man has a wide range of knowledge, which is rare in the martial arts world.". Then he said, "If I have a good idea, you should use the Eighteen Palms of the Sky." Long-haired man: "Yes, I did not expect you to see the old man's palm." "Don't boast," said Ximen Yushuang. Which is easier and which is more difficult than the Eighteen Palms of the Sky? The long-haired man suddenly looked up and laughed, saying, "How can you compare two very different martial arts?" With a slight pause in his voice, he said, "Over the years, I have never met a master who can compete with me. If I meet you today, I may be able to fight with you." "You're bound to lose," said Ximen Yushuang. "That's not necessarily true, small geared motors ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox," said the long-haired man. "Do you dare to bet with me?" Asked Ximen Yushuang. Long-haired man: "How to bet?" "If I were defeated by you," said Ximen Yushuang, "I would be the maidservant of both of you for the rest of my life, waiting to be punished. What if you were defeated?" Long-haired man: "Old man..." Suddenly he turned his face away and looked at the woman in colorful clothes without saying anything. The woman in colorful clothes opened her lips lightly and said slowly, "If we lose, we'll move out of Tiannu Temple and give this place to her." The long-haired man said, "Good!"! In your ladyship's opinion. Ximen Yushuang frowned and said, "a thousand pieces of gold is worth a penny. Isn't your bet too light?" Long hair is humanitarian: "If according to your idea?" "The fair bet," said Ximen Yushuang, "is that if I'm a maidservant with you two, you should also be my slaves." The long-haired man looked back at the woman in colorful clothes and said, "Shall we bet?" "Are you sure you can beat her?" Asked the peasant woman. Long hair is humanitarian: "Be able to beat her naturally." "Good," said the old woman! "Then let's get a maidservant!" When Ximen Yushuang heard the two of them answering each other, he couldn't help smiling. He turned to Lin Hanqing and said, "If I accept these two old slaves who are highly skilled in martial arts, I may be able to gain hegemony in Wulin some time earlier.".
” The long-haired man suddenly deceived himself and hit Ximen Yushuang on the left shoulder with a slap. He shouted, "I want to see if you can win the Eighteen Palms of Heaven with the magic skill of Seven Magic Star Steps and the magic skill of snapping fingers." As he spoke for a while, he had split eight palms in a row. Ximen Yushuang performed the seven-bucket magic star step, flexed his right finger and flicked it, and the wind of his fingers hit the main points of the wrist pulse of the long-haired man. The long-haired man has been repeatedly using the Eighteen Palms of Heaven, but Ximen Yushuang specializes in the magic skill of snapping fingers. Both of them are arrogant and refuse to use other kinds of martial arts against the enemy. Lin Hanqing looked at the two men between the attack, each has power, although it is limited to two kinds of martial arts, but the change is good at each. The long-haired man's eighteen palms, although only eighteen moves, but used to be a myriad of changes, it seems that the moves have never been used. It was a rare fight in the martial arts world, and Lin Hanqing was so absorbed in it that he couldn't take it all in. In a short time, the two sides have fought hard, and it is still an invincible situation. The long-haired man clenched his palms and made three moves, but he took two steps back and said, "Stop!" Ximen Yushuang stopped and stepped back. "What's the matter?" He asked. "Long hair is humanitarian:" We wait to fight so go down, be afraid it is hard to fight a victory or defeat to come out. "What do you mean?" Asked Ximen Yushuang. Long-haired man: "I'm not limited to the Eighteen Palms of the Sky, and you don't have to be limited to the two kinds of martial arts: Seven Magic Star Steps and Finger Magic Skill. Let's do our best and have a good time. Alas!"! The old man has been fighting with people so freely for decades. "As you wish, sir," said Ximen Yushuang. The long-haired man laughed and said, "Happy!"! Have fun! I didn't expect you, a girl, to have such a heroic spirit. With a sudden roar and a punch. With a wave of his right hand, Ximen Yushuang took food and pointed to the pulse of the long-haired man. The long-haired man broke his wrist, withdrew his fist, shouted loudly, and split his left fist again. Every time he threw a punch, he would shout loudly,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, and the fierce wind of the fist, with a roaring sound, shook the clothes of the people watching from the side.
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