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Legend of Wulin.txt _ Replace (28th Nov 22 at 1:28am UTC)
The little witch aunt saw her intention from her eyes and asked softly, "Does my sister want to make a move?" The demon in Tsing Yi nodded. The sister can't go yet. Tell him to go first. Strange beggar already saw in the eye, say: "Little female devil, your thing is over?"? Lao Jiaohua has no time to accompany him. He's going to beg for food! Tsing Yi Demon's heart moved: "Elder Qi, I dare not trouble you any more." "Well, well, I'm done as an arbitrator." He patted Dong Zining: "Young man, don't you go?"? I always want to ask you to give me another meal! Let's go The strange beggar also ignored Dong Zining's answer, and suddenly clasped Dong Zining's lifeblood, so that he could not move, even pulling and dragging, dragging Dong Zining to stagger straight out of the village. Everybody looked to feel amused, at the same time also strange strange beggar how to go suddenly? The tournament is not over yet! Wisdom Zen Master Stunned: "Old Monster, why did you leave?" The strange beggar said from a distance, "Old monk, what can I do if I don't leave when I'm hungry?"? You have Master Ma to support you. I have to find this young man to support me. The sound has gone far away. Little witch aunt strange: This strange beggar is really strange, how does he know we want Dong Zining to go first? The female demon in Tsing Yi stared at Master Ma and said, "Ma, tell me again. I really don't know." "I really don't know." "You are the one who calls himself Zhongzhou Daxia." Ma Daxia was like a thunderbolt, and his face was pale. He tried to defend himself: "This is a man with blood!" Do you think I killed the Black Tornado? No,Low Rpm Electric Motor, I left a living witness, you dart robber. After saying that, the female demon in Tsing Yi took out an ingot of silver from her sleeve and threw it to the ground. "Take a look, is this the silver you used to sort out the five tiger robberies with the thieves in eastern Zhejiang and the" Earth Visitors "of the Qian Family (September Forum,"? I took it out of your secret room that night. What else can you say? As soon as they heard this, they were surprised one after another, and Lingnan Daxia was even more surprised. He had only heard Master Ma mention this secret place by accident, but had never been there,Micro Gear Motor, and he did not know where it was. He knew from Daxia Ma that there were traps, traps, and poison arrows in this secret place. Even if outsiders knew about it, they couldn't break into it. If they did, they would only have a narrow escape from death. This female devil not only knows, but also breaks in, which shows how amazing her martial arts are. Tsing Yi Demon asked coldly, "Ma, why don't you speak?" "This, this, this is a plant!" The female demon in Tsing Yi was furious. With one move, she split the empty palm. Master Ma immediately fell over, spurting blood from his mouth and breaking two of his ribs. The female demon in Tsing Yi was ready to add another palm to end his life. The Zen Master of Wisdom was frightened and said, "Almsgiver, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Gear Reduction Motor, don't do it!" This is the Shaolin Temple's "Tathagata Nirvana Palm" move, called "Songshan Sunrise", which is intended to push the Qingyi female demon away. The female demon in Tsing Yi urgently used the "Thousand-Handed Guanyin Palm" to respond. The two palms touched each other, and both of them took a few steps backward. Tsing Yi female demon felt the blood tide rolling in her heart, "wow", and a mouthful of blood spurted out. This "Tathagata Nirvana Palm" has a wonderful place, the opponent does not take a strong move, it only has a soft force to push you away, once you take a strong move, the power will increase accordingly, and the resilience will be stronger. The Tsing Yi female demon did not expect for a moment, so she tried her best to take it. This was like adding her own internal force and the internal force of the wisdom Zen master together, and the rebound force was doubled. The Tsing Yi female demon could not stand it, so a stream of blood gushed out of her mouth. At this time, the wisdom Zen master also lost his vitality, but his skill was much deeper than that of the Tsing Yu female demon. He was only shocked by the force of the thousand-handed Guanyin palm, and his chest. The little witch aunt was frightened: "Sister, what's wrong with you?" Tsing Yi Demon smiled sadly: "Sister, you go quickly, wait for the younger sister and the old monk to fight." At this moment, the disciples of Master Ma and the disciples of Emei drew their swords one after another and shouted, "Don't let the banshee and banshee go!" Besiege together. Wisdom Zen Master shouted, "Don't mess around." Because of the great loss of vitality, he was unable to stop the crowd. Nvxia Xu Bing can't stop everyone's action. First of all, the second disciple of Emei, the Empty Taoist, made a sword move of "Golden Top View of Clouds" and stabbed the female demon in Tsing Yi.
The female demon in Tsing Yi, regardless of her loss of vitality, made another move to split the empty palm and knocked the empty person and sword to the ground. Fortunately, the female demon in Tsing Yi lost her vitality ( Otherwise, the empty Taoist was hurt even worse than Master Ma. But the female demon in Tsing Yi used this move, and her vitality was even worse. She stumbled and fell to the ground, unable to speak. The little witch's aunt was frightened. She picked her up hurriedly and said to the man who came forward, "Aren't you afraid of death?" Ma Daxia's disciple bullied her and could not make a move. With a knife, the little witch's aunt brushed him away with her sleeve and flew him to the wall more than ten feet away. He was badly beaten. Seeing that he could not live, everyone shouted to avenge their own people. Little witch aunt is a sleeve brush away, will be the first to rush a few brush to the ground, and then holding the Tsing Yi female demon, jumped on the green horse. The green horse knew what was going on. He jumped over the crowd and went straight to the entrance of the village. Qiao Yaksha shouted angrily at his disciples, "Dead people, why don't you put the hidden weapon and shoot the horse down? Don't let them go." Golden darts, penetrating nails and sleeve arrows were sent out one after another. The little witch aunt held the Tsing Yi woman in one hand and acted with luck in the other hand. She waved her sleeves, brushed left and right, and bounced all kinds of hidden weapons back one after another. The work of this cloud sleeve has reached a magical state, and whoever sends out the hidden weapon will bounce back to him. Many people were hit by their own hidden weapons and fell down one after another, all in horror. In a twinkling of an eye,micro gear motor, the green horse had run out of the village, and disappeared on the road outside the village. Everyone was dumbfounded and watched helplessly as the demon and the banshee went away, and no one dared to chase them. (September Chinese website
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