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There is a ghost husband in the family: pestering (28th Nov 22 at 1:30am UTC)
"Every 500 years, there is a fierce audition like this. I once heard that a thousand years ago, 18 people survived in the end. The last time, only three people survived." Lin Shaofeng glanced at me and said coldly. Three? Three out of a few hundred?! I can not help but stop the pace, there are jade slips, why is the casualty rate so high? "Tiantian, if you meet an acquaintance you know after you go in, don't be credulous, even we..". Meet at the last moment I'm afraid I have to make a big move for the quota. Lin Tian reminded me and said with a smile, "But I'm not your opponent. If I really meet you, I'll give up voluntarily." Lin Tian doesn't want to compete with me for the quota? "Humph!"! What a waste of the Lin family's quota for you! Hearing what Lin Tian said, Lin Shao immediately frowned and said, "If you don't cherish it so much, you should have told Lao Zu earlier that you should give me and Shaojun two places in the Lin family, so that things won't happen after that!" Damn, this is a moral kidnapping! Lin Shaofeng is all right for me, but Lin Tian is just in male chauvinism and said to me, "What are you excited about?"! Without waiting for me to open my mouth,a333 grade 6 pipe, Lin Tian suddenly raised his hand to stop me and said to Lin Shaoyu with a smile, "We are all members of the Lin family. If the two of us win or lose at the last moment, I will abstain and give it to you..". Anyway, you and I are the Lin family. It makes no difference who goes in. Lin Shaofeng obviously did not expect Lin Tian to say this to her, and immediately froze. Whether sincerely or falsely, it was already great to be able to say it in person, especially when Lin Tian smiled and said it lightly,x56 line pipe, Lin Shaocheng seemed to feel a little embarrassed. He turned his head and snorted coldly: "I don't need your kindness. Since I want to get the quota, I will fight for it myself. You'd better take care of you first. Don't even go into the audition!!" The same Lin family, how can the gap be so big? Lin walked quickly to the front of us, apparently no longer want to talk about this topic, and Lin Tian is indifferent to the smile, said to me: "I know she is cold outside and warm inside, if we are in trouble inside, she will certainly help..". Right Didn't Master Zhou say that he would take you back to the upper world whether you made it to the audition or not? In that case, you don't need to do it. Save your strength and live to the end. If someone attacks me, he will run away if he can't beat me. Why should he run away if he can beat me? "Oh yes, we will definitely be scattered when we go in later. Set a meeting point that everyone knows first. It will be safer for us to go together in the audition." Lin Tian said again. This time there are probably more than 200 people to participate in the audition, and they must arrive at a place within a specified time and then grab the 20 places of the winner. If you get lost in it, or if you don't catch it, x60 line pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, in the end, even if you are still alive, you will be regarded as an abstention. I have carefully analyzed that it is not too late to travel, but if you meet some people who want to die on the way, you must not delay the journey, the earlier you arrive, the better! Just as Lin Tian and I were discussing where to find a place to make a combination point, Lin Shaofeng in front of us said without looking back: "I heard Lao Zu say that it is similar to the Phantom Beast Array..". How about this Speaking of the rendezvous point as the highest peak, everyone can see and find it. I smiled, she said so, indicating that her idea is the same as ours, so that the three of us can walk together, even if we meet some fierce opponents, we can still get away with it! Who would have thought that Lin Tian would directly deny Lin Shaofeng's idea: "There are countless sects and families that have entered this time. We don't know who is friendly with whom. This meeting point is too exposed. Not only do we think so, but there must be many people who think the same as us." "Are you afraid of conflict?" Lin Shao-chien looked back. It has nothing to do with the conflict. I am afraid that some people will deliberately ambush there. What Lin Tian said is very firm. I nodded slightly, this is really unexpected, it seems that Lin Tian's brain is still very smart.
"Otherwise, we'll set the rendezvous point at the second highest peak. Even if someone thinks the same as us, it's impossible to lurk and attack us at every peak, right?" I had a brainwave. Yes, I'm fine with that. Lin Tian laughed. Listen to you. Lin Shaofeng set off again, walking far ahead to clear the way for us. Walking for a long time, the desolate mountains gradually appeared a road paved with bluestone bricks, we took advantage of the situation, did not take two steps to meet the people of the same trade from other directions on the bluestone bricks. The characteristic of these guys is very obvious, that is, indifference. When they saw the three of us, they just glanced at us from a distance, did not say hello, and talked to no one on their own initiative. Relative to them, we are the same. We are about to enter the audition. After entering, everyone is the enemy. It is very difficult to make friends with people outside. If some neuropathy sees you unhappy, it will be trouble after entering. Not to mention friendship, even family affection can be betrayed to a certain extent, depending on whether the chips are enough to tempt people! <! over> Chapter 411 the gathering of the pride of the human world! <! go> All the way to the top, there is only a dilapidated temple on the mountain, which seems to have been here for many years. It is shabby and the wall paint is mottled. Right in front of the temple, there was a square with a huge area. At this time, there were probably more than 100 people meditating quietly in the square. At the front, there were three figures standing like leaders. Master Zhou was among them. Messenger of the upper world! I narrowed my eyes and looked carefully at the other two guys besides Master Zhou. One was a young Taoist priest in his early thirties, wearing a Taoist robe. He was afraid that he was a new elder in Sanqing, as the old housekeeper said. The other was a nun with a bright head and a charming face. She was born with a pair of fox eyes,x52 line pipe, which were very charming. If she didn't become a nun, she would have long hair. Definitely a disaster for the country and the people.. Young married woman ! And the silver cassock she was wearing made me take a deep breath. It seemed that the monks and nuns in Baiyun Temple all wore white cassocks, which was really different.
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